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Virescent Technologies

Specialising in business process optimisation, application and database development, web and mobile development, and systems strategy and analysis.

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Efficiency through technology - Our aim is to optimise business processes with
clever use of web based technologies.

Business Efficiencies

Advances in technology in the past few years has allowed more of the business processes to be pushed into software. Time to take advantage and make the office more efficient!

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Business Process Automation

Business Efficiencies - We specialise in business process optimisation.In our experience, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) suffer from a common struggle: mishmash of paper forms, email templates, spreadsheets, shared documents, and poor communication infrastructure that breeds disorganisation and inefficiencies. Despite the best efforts of management, paper-based processes can severely limit operational efficiency. The ability to efficiently retrieve information from volumes of paper-work is a significant challenge in itself also. Our natural ability to analyze business processes, teamed with our professional software development skills, allows us to present opportunities to manage business processes, costs and increase overall efficiency. The end result not only saves time and money, but usually also boosts staff moral by making life at work easier with less complications and frustrations.

Virescent Technologies can help with all facets of Business Process Automation, leveraging a highly-structured yet flexible approach, including:

  • Providing easy access to information (documents, forms, applications) for all staff, across multiple sites, in real time.
  • Deliver the information securely from any location with an internet connection (hotel rooms, airport lounges, remote branches, and home offices to name a few)
  • Maintaining regulatory and audit compliance
  • Enhancing employee collaboration and morale

Virescent Technologies will work closely with you to identify key business challenges, evolve to the business requirements, and then align solutions that meet those challenges.

Workflow Co-ordination

Business Efficiencies - Workflow Co-ordination can help realise significant operational savings.Business Process Automation often leads to Workflow Co-ordination. Several buzz words that are commonly thrown around to describe the general objective of the business workflow include "Streamline Operations", "Reduce Operating Expenses", and "Cut Labor Costs". So how do we convert this into a deliverable?

The processes, procedures and methods that businesses employ for handling operational tasks such as invoicing, timesheets, new account setup, status reports, and others can be described with the term "Workflow". Each business tackles workflow uniquely and often forms part of their competitive advantage. Workflow includes the routine steps, human resources, necessary information, and mechanisms needed to complete each step in a business process.

As companies experience growth, manual workarounds often take hold which invariably costs time. With the loss of time comes an inherent disorganisation leading to problems such as missing paperwork, pushed back deadlines, incomplete or incorrect information or data, and extended project or task timeframes. The equation is simple; time = money.

The solution is simpler than many may think. What we do is assess the "to-do" list of the process involved, place it in a location that everyone can get to (usually the intranet or internet), and add a few smarts including visual status tracking, due date monitoring, business rules, and email and database capabilities and suddenly the system is keeping track and doing most of the tedious tasks for you.

Planning for growth

Business Efficiencies - Our solutions keep the future in mind to allow for structured and controlled growth.Manual and paper based processes are usually born out of necessity; the business processes have been developed on a piecemeal basis, according to immediate need, rather than with a long term vision in mind. The problem with this philosophy is that when the business really starts to take off, you find that human resource requirements go through the roof in order to keep up.

Virescent Technologies always like to point out that significant productivity gains can be made by investing in computer systems rather than more staff. Pushing work into computers can keep the size of your team constant while making it easier for them to deliver faster, more reliably, and more consistently. This allows businesses to place human resources in roles that actually benefit the overall objectives, rather than consume budget in monotonous data entry or back office paperwork.

Systems Analysis & Strategy

Business Efficiencies - Without a formal strategy for technology infrastructure and security, problems ariseThe effective utilisation of Information Technology cannot be without a good understanding of how it can be applied to, and controlled by, the structure of the business. An deficient systems strategy can have a detrimental affect on all areas of the business. Do any of these questions ring bells:

  • Why does a sales rep have access to critical management data?
  • Why is the network so slow?
  • Why does it take so long to save a file?
  • How can we speed up access to a particular application/database?
  • Why is that report taking so long to run?
  • How do we stop relying on a key technology person?
  • An employee just resigned, what data did they take?
  • Where should the department save shared files to?
  • Who was responsible for deleting data?
  • What happens if our internet connection goes down, or the server dies?

We can perform an assessment of your current systems and infrastructure to identify performance and security holes, and propose a solution to increase system integrity and reduce frustration. We can also establish priorities and policies, set a strategic plan, document everything, and manage implementation of a better-controlled, fully audited, more efficient operating environment. We find that systems efficiency unlocks significant value and allows businesses to scale up to its fullest potential.