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Virescent Technologies

Specialising in business process optimisation, application and database development, web and mobile development, and systems strategy and analysis.

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Efficiency through technology - Our aim is to optimise business processes with
clever use of web based technologies.

Application & Database Development

Custom application and database development is quite often the easiest way for a business to save time, and therefore cold hard cash!

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Custom software for all applications

Process optimisation via software will save timeWhatever you call it; web application, a website, web portal, web based software, database solution, web database, bespoke business software, background service - it is essential to have quality software regardless of the industry you operate in. While technology is a great thing, it can be complicated especially when it comes to the issue of software. You don't want to purchase general applications that are difficult to learn, use and maneuver. You also don't want to have additional features that you will never use. This is why custom software development is often a much better choice.

Custom software and application development starts with identifying your goals and the needs of your business. In many cases custom software development is less expensive than a general application because it is designed to meet your specific business needs. This is especially true in cases of systems integration, when a real life problem needs solving, and when no existing product or service covers your custom process or special requirement. Why spend time, effort and money adopting other peoples processes? Why not do it better your own way? Custom applications and software can be made to do exactly what you need it to do. This often allows businesses to form a strong competitive advantage, all while saving time and frustration for all staff, and increasing operational profits.

It is of paramount importance to choose a software development provider who is willing to take the time to understand the type of business you conduct and what you want the software to do for your business. Virescent Technologies can offer:

  • Dedicated attention to your needs
  • Clear and to-the-point communication
  • Professional and complete analysis of issues
  • Easy to understand proposal documentation
  • Full software life cycle support
  • Full user documentation and training

The investment in custom applications and software usually pays for itself more quickly than is often realised; everyone in the business is saving time and able to get more work done everyday. Contact us if you would like to discuss your options further.

B2B Web Services

The ever-changing face of Internet is consistently giving new meaning to the way of communication. Business-to-business (B2B) web service solutions enable businesses to plan, control and integrate the flow of information, products, and finance between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, or any other 3rd party partner. Virescent Technologies have been involved in the development of many B2B applications including secure payment gateways, automated real time credit checking at point of sale, automated real time commodity price checking, real time sales lead generation, automated status updates from suppliers, and many more. Efficiency gains often become enormous with entire roles becoming obsolete. Contact us so we can show you how.

Systems Integration

Apps and Databases - We can get multiple systems to talk the same language.Fallen victim to "yet another system to log in to and maintain?" or "why do I need to run a report in system A, and then again in system B?" Allowing applications and systems to talk to each other can significantly optimise how the business operates. Information systems should be adopted to make life simpler for all departments. Our analysis phase keeps existing systems in mind, and often additional applications are not required to solve inefficiencies. Virescent Technologies can help with central user and identity management, cross database reporting, and multiple application data exposure.

Database Design & Development

Apps and Databases - Virescent Technologies are experts in database design and developmentAlmost every application we have developed has had a significant database or data warehouse behind it, so we understand how important they are to the business. The databases themselves often form the foundation for the business processes and applications that people use in their everyday roles. Getting the foundations wrong can lead to clunky data collection, an inability to share information effectively, sluggish performance, and reduced ability to expand or grow in the future. However, getting the design right can solve several operational issues:

  • improving the accuracy and reliability of your reporting information. As a result, the performance of the business (as a whole or individual units) becomes more obvious and leads to better strategic decisions
  • increasing the ability to analyse data in a variety of ways; real time statistics, charts and graphs
  • determine how profitable your products and services are
  • highlight where efficiencies can be gained - prevention of repetitious entry of identical data, and elimination of data entry errors through robust validation techniques
  • speeding up and securing access to information
  • ensuring scalability to accomodate future changes in requirements
  • safely exposing data to multiple sites and, where necessary, customers

Virescent Technologies has hands on experience with database design, development, integration and administration for a range of clients across different verticals and industries. We can help with all data solutions whether you need a database driven web site or a sophisticated database solution that is fast, scalable and efficient.

Mobile Apps

Mobile software is often touted as the next big thing as more and more applications are moving from desktop to browser, and now to mobile phones. Today, there are numerous mobile development platforms like Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry to name a few. Businesses are still to leverage the full potential of Mobile Information Technology, be it with up-scaling existing technology solutions or implementing 360 degree demand-driven solutions while optimising operational costs. When this happens, there is going to be an unprecedented boom in demand for mobile applications from consumers and enterprises.

Apps and Databases - We can develop apps of the iPhone and iPod Touch Apps and Databases - We can develop apps for Google's Android mobile operating system Apps and Databases - We can develop apps for Windows Mobile devices Apps and Databases - We can develop apps for Blackberry devices