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Virescent Technologies

Specialising in business process optimisation, application and database development, web and mobile development, and systems strategy and analysis.

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Efficiency through technology - Our aim is to optimise business processes with
clever use of web based technologies.

Efficiency through software
Save time, money, effort, and paper!

With so much focus on the economy and the environment these days its seems logical that businesses
make the most efficient and effective use of technology:

  • Tune up your business processes via software to save time, money, and frustration!
  • We can help with custom software applications, databases, websites, and mobile devices.
  • Our structured methodology allows us to deliver on time and on budget, it's been proven!
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Process optimisation via software will save time

Business efficiencies
We can help reduce data entry and paper work, co-ordinate/automate workflows, integrate existing systems.

We build custom applications and databases

Apps & databases
We can build custom apps for just about anything; sales, customer relationship, finance, mobile.

Process optimisation via software will save time

Websites and eCommerce
We can design a website to expose and promote you products and services online via SEO and SEM.

Welcome to Virescent Technologies!

We specialise in

Business process automation via software will save time and money

Business efficiencies

Got several applications that don't talk to each other? Sharing spreadsheets across sites in a mismash of paper and emails? Learn how to save massive amounts of time, paper and frustration via business process automation.
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Application and database development can significantly increase productivity

Application and database development

Applications and databases are vital to all businesses these days. We can help to significantly increase productivity via custom apps and databases.
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Process optimisation via software will save time

Website development

We build feature rich, user friendly websites using the Web 2.0 paradigm, which not only drives more business to you, but also enhances the customer experience
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Process optimisation via software will save time

Systems analysis & strategy

We can perform an assessment of your current systems and infrastructure to identify performance and security holes, and propose a solution to increase your system's overall efficiency and integrity
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Why choose VT?

The team at Virescent Technologies have been primarily engineering custom software applications for the last 8 years. The systems include customer relationship and billing management systems, sales and retention systems, identity management and user security systems, and even distributed mobile systems. Most of the projects we have been involved in have significant databases or data warehouses behind them that form a solid foundation for businesses to operate. More about Virescent Technologies

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